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Grow giant, juicy, meat steak tomatoes in the worst growing season, even with no garden

Pretty soon… everyone will want your tomatoes!

Grow tomatoes from a seed! Tomatoes aren’t supposed to be bland, mushy and boring. The best tomatoes are home-grown.

You’re about to learn how to grow tomato plants in your own backyard, regardless of how much space you have.

Dear Gardener,

Are you tired of growing tomato plants that don’t produce any tomato fruits?

You wait all summer for your tomato flowers to turn into green tomatoes.  But they never quite get there. Winter comes and your tomato plant growing season is officially over.

But when you know what you’re doing, growing a tomato plant is easy. And it’s definitely worth it!

Store-bought tomatoes are no comparison!
  • Home-grown tomatoes actually have flavor
  • Tomato seeds are a tiny fraction of the price charged at the store
  • With a few simple rules, you can grow tomatoes every year
  • There’s no easier way to improve your health, save money and have fun

If you’ve never had a freshly grown tomato before, you’ve never tasted a real tomato. Commercial tomatoes are dry, bland and covered with harmful chemicals meant to preserve them for longer than nature intended.

Real tomatoes, especially black tomatoes, are bursting with sweet, juicy flavor.

Ever heard of them? Black tomatoes are the sweetest gourmet tomatoes ever cultivated. Like many of the less known tomatoes, black tomatoes aren’t sold in stores because they have a short shelf life.

Believe it or not, tomatoes are actually fruits. Hard to believe, since commercially grown tomatoes don’t have the sweetness you would normally associate with fruit. Black tomatoes don’t have the acidic taste found in other tomatoes. They instead have a distinct, smoky flavor. They’re especially delicious if eaten right off the vine.

There are plenty of other heirloom tomatoes, including juicy red cherry tomatoes. You’ll be surprised at their sizes, shapes and colors. If you’re used to the yellowish-red, store-bought tomatoes, you might be hesitant to try the other tomato varieties.

If you don’t believe me, see if any of your friends are planting tomato plants. Ask if you can have one. You won’t believe your mouth and you’ll wonder why something so delicious has been kept from you for so long.

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Real, homegrown tomatoes have a taste that cannot be compared with the bland, chemical-covered and nutrient-light store-bought tomatoes. The cheap supermarket imitations are overpriced because they are designed only to make the grocery store a small fortune.

In contrast, store-bought tomato seeds can cost as little as ten cents and grow multitudes of tomatoes. If you want to really save money, buy your seeds right before winter and save them in a cool, dry place. Plant them next spring.

But you’re throwing your money away if you aren’t preparing your soil in just the right way and if you’re not protecting your tomatoes from diseases and pests.

Follow a few simple steps to have delicious tomatoes every summer

Pile of Tomatoes

If you want the absolute best tomatoes, you’re going to need to know when to grow tomato plants. Growing a plant also requires that you know how to prepare your soil, where to plant your tomato seeds and how much water you’ll need.

You might be familiar with gardening techniques like composting and mulching, and you might know that soil amendments, like lime, can raise or lower your pH, increase water retention and prevent the dreaded “wet feet.”

These time-tested gardening techniques might seem difficult to learn, but they really only require that you memorize a few simple rules that you must regularly follow while planting and caring for your tomato plants.

  • Save on groceries by growing your own tomatoes
  • Have more delicious salads, sauces and soups
  • Avoid harmful pesticides that make your family sick
  • Grow your tomatoes exactly how you want them
  • Give away tomatoes to families and friends
Want to learn how to grow a tomato plant from anywhere?

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Even though growing tomatoes from a seed will save you the most money, if you are a first-time tomato grower, you’ll likely want to start with a young tomato plant grown out of a pot. Nurseries nurture tomato seedlings to ensure that they are the strongest and healthiest, giving you an easy first trial run.

Tomatoes Close Up

And the great news is that you don’t even need a garden. Grow tomatoes using a pot, window box or anything else that will fit the plant. Some gardeners have even grown tomatoes in old newspapers.

You can have the tomatoes stand anywhere by training them in a tomato cage, or by staking the tomatoes. Keep the tomatoes upright and you’ll never lose them to fruit rot. The tomato plant will have full access to the sun, ensuring that you have the biggest and most nutritious tomato plants possible.

Benefits of tomato nutrition have long been established by researchers

  • Reduce risk of osteoporosis with the lycopene found in tomatoes
  • Protect your heart by eating more tomatoes
  • Receive your daily vitamin C, A and K intake
  • Prevent tumor growth, especially in the prostate and lungs
  • Lose weight with this highly nutritious and naturally low-calorie food
  • Get your daily dose of manganese, potassium and folate
  • Improve digestive health with this high-fiber food

If you’ve searched for awhile on Google, you might have found a lot of information on tomato growing. Tomatoes are one of the most popular food crops to grow in a home garden.

However, the world of gardening is rife with hearsay and information that is somewhat accurate, but not very helpful if you want to grow the best tomatoes under any conditions.

Plus, Internet research can take forever and you’ll often find the same old advice that you’ve already heard, repeated over and over until the cows come home.

Everything you need to know about tomato growing in one easy guide

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